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It’s a cool and dreary day so it’s Curry Chicken Stew for dinner tonight with brown jasmine rice and salad. I’m thinking coleslaw as I have some cabbage on hand.

Tonight we’re having Simba’s pasta…chicken, leeks, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and half and half (for the sauce).  I’ll have brown rice penne and my husband will have the traditional spinach fettuccine…steamed broccoli for a side with avocado salad…this dish is really good…enjoy

Tonight I’m trying to make orange chicken without frying…marinating the chicken pieces in orange juice, orange zest, sesame oil, green onions and gluten free shoyu (soy sauce), ginger and garlic.  Then, grill the chicken.  I have to figure out how to make the sauce.  Steamed rice and broccoli…voila!!  Dinner is ready… 

Of courese it’s served with “Coffee Cup Southwest Salsa” and steamed broccoli…

Husband is feeling a little under the weather so I thought maybe some slightly spicey Mexican might just make he feel better.  This recipe is in “Kitchenless Cooking” and is made in my rice cooker.  Yummm

Zorba the Greek Pasta…from my new book  “Kitchenless Cooking”…brown rice pasta, sauteed crispy mushrooms in garlic butter and olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, melted feta cheese and green onions.  It may sound a tad strange but it’s really delicious…try it please and let me know? 

Good morning…Sun Dried Tomato Pesto is a delicious twist on basil pesto…sun dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and parm cheese…whirl in your mini food processer…if it’s a little thick you can always add in some water.   So good over brown rice penne pasta and a side of steamed broccoli…that’s what will be for a light dinner tonight.  Enjoy!

Today, the weather is cool and cloudy so it’s time to make Brown Rice Spinach Lasagna in my rice cooker.  Brown rice noodles, fresh spinach, sliced red onion, sliced tomatoes, red bell paper, freshly cracked black pepper, crumbled feta and lowfat mozerella cheese.  Layer in the reverse order you would do in an oven and let the rice cooker work it’s magic.  Yum!

Sorry if I reposted a blog.  Was trying to say it’s a beautiful evening here and my husband has asked we grill “Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner”  (ground turkey stuffed with spinach, onions, feta cheese and sun dried cranberries).  I’m thinking Cauliflower Mash and a salad would go well as sides.  Any ideas on more gluten free recipes?  Have a great evening.