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Good morning…beautiful day here…and not to early to think about what’s for dinner tonight.  I’m thinking of Curry Chicken Stew?  or maybe Grandma P’s Hungarian Chicken Paprikash?  Have gone “wheatless” for a few weeks so will either make jasmine brown rice or brown rice penne pasta as a side…  Stay warm all in the snow storm’s path…


Big storm has passed so how about some “island” fare for dinner…Shoyu Chicken with rice and steamed veggies?

Rain has finally stopped tonight. 

Big storm coming in…should we have Curry Chicken Stew or Leapin’ Lentils? 

In my small space I make many recipes in a rice cooker.  Works almost like an oven for casseroles.

Grandma P’s Hungarian Chicken Paprikash…(recipe on page 69) all comments appreciated! thanks

How does Chicken Paprikash sound?  Recipe on page 69…Enjoy!

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner (page 59) with Cauliflower mash (page 87). Enjoy!

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner (page 59) With Cauliflower Mash (page 87)…Enjoy!!

Dinner tonight “Winner Winner Turkey Dinner” (page 59) with Cauliflower Mash (page 87)  Enjoy!!